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15 Apr

Volcano Boy Remixes EP Released!

The Volcano Boy Remixes EP is officially released!! Listen to all the previews below and if you like what you hear, buy the EP on iTunes!

10 Apr

Volcano Boy Remix

Check out the first Volcano Boy remix from the upcoming EP. This one is by the genius EsQuille! You can now pre-order the EP on iTunes also.

8 Apr

97.9FM Radio Interview

I did a radio interview yesterday for the Sunday Smorgasboard on 97.9FM with Anthony Barnes. Listen in to the whole thing to hear about my new single, Volcano Boy!

4 Apr

Volcano Boy music video

The music video for Volcano Boy was released earlier this week!

The video was just nominated for best music video by ROCKWiRED Magazine!

31 Mar

Volcano Boy Is Here!

Today is the day. Volcano Boy, my latest single, is out worldwide!!!

You can now purchase it on iTunes and other digital music retailers.

That’s not all though, the video for Volcano Boy is out as well – today it has been premiered on Music Week. Watch at this location or by clicking the image below.


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